About Politics, Law and Faith

imageWelcome to Politics, Law and Faith! My name is Tom Fiebiger. The past 25 years I worked  as an attorney representing people in discrimination and civil rights cases, fighting for people’s rights. Along the way,  I served a 4 year term as a state senator.  I am a life long Lutheran and person of faith.

Are you, like me, frustrated with the brokenness of our systems – political, legal and religious or faith based?  Plagued by partisanship, fear and systemic racism, our country continues to limp along with minimal listening, self reflection  or willingness to change or  think outside the proverbial box to move forward.

We need to challenge and  question who and what it is we are becoming, and discuss more creative and thoughtful ways to do our politics, law and faith journeys. I’ll write about these issues and welcome your thoughtful comments along the way.